Mark’s Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne provides professional carpet steam cleaning services across Melbourne from last 15 years. Please call on 0421830164 to get FREE carpet cleaning quote!!!
End of winter Carpet Cleaning Specials – Carpet Steam Cleaning Starting from $4* sqm including master bedrooms carpet cleaning, lounge room carpet cleaning, family room carpet cleaning, stairs carpet cleaning and hallway Carpet Cleaning.
Melbourne Seniors can get addition 15% FLAT DISCOUNT* on carpet cleaning services. Please note : carpet cleaning seniors offer can also be taken in conjunction with any other carpet cleaning deal.

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne


Why Choose Mark’s Carpet Cleaning Melbourne?

There are many carpet cleaning companies in Melbourne. Only 5% of the carpet cleaning companies got certified, trained, experienced and professional carpet cleaners. The reason why Melbourne home owners will choose us over others are as below.

  1. After Carpet Steam Cleaning you may walk on dry cleaned carpets straight away.
  2. We offer FREE carpet vacuuming & pretreatment of the stains
  3. Flexible booking hours, our cleaners can steam clean your carpet after working hours
  4. No hidden fees or charges, we can provide you per sqm carpet cleaning quote over the phone inclusive of everything
  5. 100% satisfactions guaranteed
  6. Your local Carpet Cleaning Company
  7. Fair & affordable Carpet Steam Cleaning Prices
  8. Certified and Trained Carpet Cleaners
  9. FREE Carpet Cleaning Quotes over the phone!!!
  10. Our Carpet Cleaning process will enhance life and durability of your carpets
  11. Same Day Carpet Cleaning Service in Melbourne
  12. Carpet Cleaning Deals starting from $4 per square meter including Healthguard™
  13. Healthguard™ eradicates bacteria, mould and fungi
  14. We use deodoriser in our carpet cleaning process – you will not get any wet smell after carpet steam cleaning
  15. Dog Urine or any other type of smell will be gone 100% after the cleaning
  16. Every possible stain removal service from the carpets.
  17. Our Carpet cleaners are available for short notice.
  18. 100% Australian Owned Carpet Cleaning Company
  19. Emergency Carpet Flood Damage Restoration Service
  20. We work 365 days and 24 X 7 for emergency carpet cleaning
  21. Your carpet will look like new after the carpet steam cleaning
  22. No Shrink or Stretch after Steam Cleaning
  23. We use eco friendly carpet cleaning solutions, safe for family & pets.
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Same Day Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

In Melbourne we are known for quality & express carpet steam cleaning services. We are available for same day carpet cleaning in your suburb. In emergency flood damage restoration, our team is ready to provide quick and express service your residential or commercial properties to restore your carpet as soon as possible. We got heavy duty carpet drying equipment so that you don’t need to wait for hours for carpet drying. You may freely walk on your carpets straight after steam cleaning. We use deodoriser during carpet steam cleaning process, you will feel never feel wet smell after the cleaning, instead you feel fresh lemon fragrance after the steam cleaning service.
Carpet Cleaning MelbourneCarpet Cleaning Services Melbourne

Local Carpet Cleaner in Melbourne

Our team of 10 carpet cleaners lives in northern, southern, eastern and western suburbs of Melbourne. On a busy day we can reach you home within 2 hours of your call. We are local so we do not have travels miles to reach our customers.Also, our local carpet cleaners are also available after hour carpet cleaning service. Benefit of hiring our local carpet cleaners as below

  1. Reliable, fast and Quality carpet cleaning service!
  2. Green and Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning Service!
  3. Local Carpet Cleaners can help you to move around your furniture
  4. Guaranteed Stubborn Stain Removal from your carpets!
  5. Dog, Cat urine smell will be gone from your carpets!
  6. Carpet Dry and Carpet Steam Cleaning Services available 24 hours !


Carpet Cleaning Add Ons

The following carpet cleaning services are in addition to our standard carpet cleaning service.

  • Carpet Flood Damage Water Extraction
  • Stubborn Urine Treatment
  • Carpet Flood Damage Water Extraction
  • Advance Carpet Stain Treatment
  • Carpet Patch Work
  • Carpet Pre Vacuum Service
  • Pet Hair Removal from Carpets
  • Advance Bactria treatment
  • Deluxe Carpet Deodorising
  • Heavily Soiled Carpets little extra for rotary agitation
  • Carpet Protection and Heathguard


Why Carpet Cleaning is Important?

Dirty carpets are home for bacteria, mould, fungus, dust mites which can cause serious health problems like skin allergies, respiratory issues, asthma, Athlete’s foot, infections, higher stress levels etc. Mark’s Carpet Cleaning Melbourne available 24 X 7 in emergency carpet cleaning to clean filthy carpets and to get rid of harmful nastier breeding inside the layers of your carpets. At Mark’s Carpet Cleaning Melbourne we uses carpet hot water extraction method for carpet steam cleaning, this process will kills all the harmful bacteria,mold, fungi, dust mites etc from your carpet.

Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Many companies in Melbourne boost of getting rid of spots or stains from your carpets completely, but they leave behind dim stains after the cleaning. At Mark’s Carpet Cleaning, our carpet cleaning socialists can guarantee 100% removal of the stain without damaging your carpet. Our carpet steam cleaning services will never shrink or change color your carpet.

Mark’s Carpet Cleaners Team in Melbourne

At Mark’s Carpet Cleaning we are team of fully accredited, certified & trained carpet cleaning professionals. Please visit our Customer Enquiries page if you would like to get quote or wanted to book carpet steam cleaning services in Melbourne.

Discounted Carpet Cleaning Service in Melbourne

Good News!!! Mark’s Carpet Cleaning offering special carpet cleaning deals starting from $4 per sqm including FREE vacuuming & pretreatment of the stains. Call us 24/7 on 0421830164 !!! Give the carpets in your home fresh & clean look.
We are servicing all Melbourne suburbs from last 15 years, thousands of happy carpet cleaning customers.

For Melbourne’s favorite carpet cleaner call Mark on 0421 830 164 !!

Mark’s Carpet Cleaning Melbourne provide professional carpet cleaning service, $4 per sqm for carpet steam cleaning services.


Mark’s Carpet Cleaning Melbourne special winter offer 15% discount on all types of carpet cleaning services. Call Mark now on 0421 830 164.

Mark’s Carpet Cleaning Melbourne is a pioneer name in Melbourne. We are known for providing absolutely flawless and immaculate carpet cleaning in Melbourne services for domestic and commercial properties. From carpet steam cleaning, carpet shampooing, carpet repair, stain removal, to carpet water removal – we have a wide range of carpet cleaning solutions!
We are team of fully licensed carpet Cleaner. Our cleaners are accredited and certified in carpet cleaning.

Why Do You Need Carpet Steam Cleaning?

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne Many people are of the opinion that they do not need professional help for carpet cleaning. Some people do it themselves at home and some get chemicals from the market to clean their expensive carpets. But both of these methods are technically not proficient enough to clean your carpets. Carpets get spoiled on daily basis as they have to suffer from rough usage, dirt and everything else.
They are bound to attract:

  1. Our carpet cleaning service 100% ensure that we remove Dead skin particles from your carpet.
  2. Dust particles will be eradicated from your carpet.
  3. Dust mites must me removed
  4. No more Yeast after carpet steam cleaning.
  5. With Carpet Hot water extraction method, we can 100% remove Mould from you carpet.
  6. No Pollution
  7. Other Contaminants will left after cleaning


Team of Experienced Carpet Cleaners in Melbourne

  1. Our Carpet cleaners are fully accredited and certified from
  2. Customer carpet care service available 24/7 in emergency– you can call us at any time!
  3. We use Hot Water Extraction for carpet steam cleaning services.
  4. Our carpet cleaners 100% use eco friendly carpet cleaning solutions. Properly steam cleaned carpets could reduce dust in the air. Please Visit the site of Carpet Institute of Australia for the more information.
  5. At Mark’s Carpet cleaning Melbourne, we offer flexible carpet steam or dry cleaning price-rates and booking options – easy for you to book the with carpet cleaning job with us!
  6. At Mark’s Carpet Cleaning, we got heavy duty and modern carpet cleaning equipment.
  7. So it is very important to get your carpets timely cleaned otherwise they could lead to sickness and illness in the surrounding living area.

carpet cleaning Melbourne Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Benefits of using Mark’s Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

A professional carpet cleaning service from Marks Carpet Cleaning nails down numerous benefits, including:

  1. Mark’s Carpet Cleaning Melbourne ensures 100% Stain Removal
  2. Odor Removal
  3. Thorough Cleaning
  4. Carpet Sanitizing
  5. Carpet Deodorizing

The complete process consequently results in cleaner carpets that are not harmful for your family. Moreover, a thorough cleaning adds to the life of the carpet thereby making it usable for many more years.
Don’t think! Just act! Your carpets deserve your attention and the best cleaning service. Call the experts from Marks Carpet Cleaning Melbourne and let the pros handle the job! Carpet Cleaner Melbourne

Our 17 Steps Carpet Cleaning Process in Melbourne.

Marks Carpet Cleaning Melbourne endorses a distinctive cleaning process for carpet cleaning. This comprises the following steps:

  1. Carpet Pre-Inspection – First of all, our experienced carpet cleaners will pre-inspect your carpets with penetrating eyes to note small details of soiling, carpet stains, and spots and to know about the carpet fabric and condition. Accordingly, they will suggest a proper modus removal chemical to bring out the best results.
  2. Furniture Moving – If required our carpet cleaner will help you to move around your furniture. But we would love to have furniture removed from the carpets before the appointment if possible.
  3. Carpet Pre-Vacuum – Next step our carpet cleaning technicians will do to get rid of dry soil and for this, the carpet is pre-vacuumed with world-class machines.
  4. Carpet Pre-Spot Treatment
  5. Carpet Pre-Agitatation
  6. Carpet Extract and Rise
  7. Carpet Pre-Agitate
  8. Carpet Neutralizer
  9. Carpet Post Spot Treatment
  10. Carpet Post Groom
  11. Carpet Pre-Treatment – We then pre-treat the carpets for targeted areas to avoid permanent staining and fabric fading. All kinds of stains are pre-treated with special sprays for effective results.
  12. Carpet Steam Cleaning – Next is the main step of cleaning where extraction and rinsing is done keeping control of the pressure and temperature.
  13. Carpet Post-Stain Treatment – Once the cleaning is done, our cleaners check if any hard stain has not been removed. In such a case, special stain removal solutions are used for such tough to remove spots.
  14. Carpet Sanitizing – We believe that any cleaning process could not be complete without sanitization. Therefore, we meticulously sanitize your carpets.
  15. Carpet Fast Dry
  16. Carpet Post-Inspection – At the end, our cleaners will walk along with you to see if everything has been done with perfection. And they leave, only when you nod in satisfaction.
  17. Quick Carpet Drying

Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne Apart from this, moving the furniture from the carpet for better movement of the machines and cleaners and then keeping the furniture back once the job is done, is also our part of the duty. We endeavor to serve you a hassle-free carpet cleaning service in Melbourne.

Our Carpet Cleaning Services in Melbourne

We deal in complete solutions for carpet cleaning and repair to ensure you get everything done at one place. Our services include:

  1. We are equipped with strong cleaning agents to provide absolute Stain Removal.
  2. Our cleaners are well-versed to take care of any kind of Carpet Repair needs.
  3. If needed, we do Carpet Steam Cleaning too.
  4. We offer Carpet Water Restoration services for unfortunate circumstances for storm water on carpet, flooded carpet clean up, carpet flood recovery, roof leak on carpet, washing machine flooded carpets and other similar conditions.
  5. Carpet Dry Cleaning is available if required.
  6. We can handle Wet Carpet Cleaning and Wool Carpet Cleaning.
  7. Carpet Sanitizing and Carpet Deodorizing are our specialties.
  8. Marks Carpet Cleaning offers both Domestic Carpet Cleaning and Commercial Carpet Cleaning.
  9. You can even ask for Mould Removal from your carpets.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Services Melbourne Carpet Steam Cleaning Services Melbourne

Our 15 Days Guarantee

Marks Carpet Cleaning was established to provide professional cleaning services to the people of Melbourne. Since day one, we are dedicated to give the best customer service to our invaluable clients. All our carpet cleaning services come with guaranteed results to warrant that our customers get completely satisfactory cleaning assistance for both residential as well as commercial requirements. Our professional cleaners will not leave your place until you are fully sure of the services provided. Otherwise, we will re-clean your property without any extra charge!
carpet cleaning company Melbourne carpet cleaning company Melbourne

Why Choose Mark’s Carpet Cleaning Melbourne?

We are the best in carpet cleaning because we:

  1. Provide Same Day Carpet Cleaning Service
  2. Are Cost-Effective in all types of Carpet Cleaning services
  3. Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning agents for carpet steam cleaning
  4. We have Certified Carpet Cleaners
  5. Our carpet cleaners lives locals

Our Carpet Cleaning Team in Melbourne

Our team comprises educated, experienced, and certified carpet cleaners. Our team’s main objective is to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied and happy once we are done with the cleaning job. Our cleaners live across Melbourne so that they can provide instant carpet cleaning services.

  1. Brad lives in the Southern suburbs to provide excellent carpet steam and carpet dry cleaning services.
  2. Billy enjoys serving our customers from the Eastern suburbs and ensures that they get a splendid job done.
  3. Jasper caters to the carpet cleaning needs of the people belonging to the Northern suburbs.
  4. Peter is responsible for providing unmatched carpet cleaning services to our customers from the Western suburbs.

Lastly, we are the Best Carpet Cleaning Company in Melbourne! Call us for a free quote! 0421830164

Emergency Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Mark and his carpet cleaners team available 24 X 7 for emergency carpet cleaning services. It could be you may drop cup of coffee on the carpet, vomit on carpet, flood damage the carpet, water pipe burst or roof water leak on carpet. Please do not wait to give us a call for prompt carpet cleaning service. Waiting to get your carpet steam cleaned may cause very bad smell, bacteria may build up inside your carpet layers. We are just 1 call away and available for same day carpet cleaning service in emergency.

End of Lease Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne – Bond Back Guarantee

Mark’s Carpet Cleaning also provide expert advise and carpet steam cleaning services to the rental properties. Our carpet cleaners are proficient in removing every possible stain from the carpet. We can assure you that carpet will look as you move in for the first day in your rental property.

Mark’s Carpet Cleaning Melbourne – Number 1 in Carpet Steam Cleaning Company

To achieve our objectives, we train and develop our staff continuously thereby letting our employees understand the company goals so that they can maintain and execute them in real activity, in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 9001. Also, we keep on working on our cleaning processes and services to accomplish our goals.
As per the AS/NZS ISO 9001 rules, the employees of Marks Carpet Cleaning Melbourne will be answerable for as carpet dry cleaning, carpet stain removal, carpet water damage restoration, carpet repair, carpet steam cleaning, and carpet sanitizing, and for delivering excellent service. Carpet Cleaning Melbourne Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

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Mark’s carpet cleaning Melbourne offers professional steam cleaning services. We use hot water extraction carpet steam cleaning process. In this process we use high pressure steam to inject deep into your carpet with eco friendly chemical. Chemical will kill all the hidden germs inside your carpet layers and then we extract the water using commercial water extraction equipment. This process will sensitise your carpet and make your carpet germ free.


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Secure Pay Online for Carpet Cleaning Services

Mark’s carpet cleaning services offering secure online payment system for our customer using Visa Card, Master Card and AMEX.

Pay Online for Carpet Cleaning Services

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End of Lease Carpet Cleaning Melbourne – Happy Customer Reviews

We had to vacate our rental property and there were lots of stains on the carpet. We were worried if our home owner will be happy or not. Home owner might not return our bond. However, After carpet steam cleaning from Mark’s team. Carpet looks like installed today. Our home owner was very happy and took Mark’s carpet cleaning contact details and returned our bond happily.
Thanks from bottom of our heart to Mark’s End of Lease Carpet Cleaning. – Alex

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