Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne – our carpet steam cleaning process removes stain, harmful bacteria, fungi and mould. Carpet Steam Cleaning from $39 per room including carpet deodorisation, carpet sanitisation, carpet stain removal, carpet mould removal and carpet heathguard services.

Sure Shot Carpet Cleaning Solutions in Melbourne

Marks Carpet Cleaning Melbourne is a leading cleaning services provider in Melbourne. For more than twenty years, we have cleaned all sorts of carpets with eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Our guaranteed carpet cleaning is backed by our intense knowledge and absolute confidence. We deal in carpet cleaning and carpet water damage restoration, carpet flood damage restoration, carpet mould restoration, carpet stain protection, end of lease carpet cleaning, carpet sewage restoration, carpet fire and smoke restoration, and carpet repair.

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Importance of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Sometimes a carpet looks dirty and gets stained but at times you will not be able to see any kind of dirt on the carpet. In the latter case too, there are plausible chances that the carpet is dirty from deep within. Your homely conventional cleaning methods are inefficient in cleaning them and here in comes the role of a professional carpet cleaner. Dirty carpets attract bacteria, mould, germs, allergens, and all sorts of contaminants. These get multiplied over time if not treated timely. Furthermore this can lead to serious health problems for your loved ones. Sneezing, coughing, running nose, red eyes, itchiness, and sometimes asthma are some problems caused due to dirty carpets.

Moreover, dirt and pollutants mar the beauty of the carpet and hinder its life span too. Don’t let your carpet rot like that. Call the experts from Marks Carpet Cleaning Melbourne and add more life to them.

Restore Carpets with Exquisite Carpet Cleaning Services in Melbourne

With our carpet cleaning services in Melbourne, you can expect the following

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

  • Cleaner & healthier carpets
  • Improved air quality
  • Hygienic lifestyle
  • Contaminant free carpets
  • Better carpet life
  • Lesser chances of health issues
  • No expense on carpet replacement
  • Restored and rejuvenated carpets

Some people look at carpet cleaning as an expensive affair but with Marks Carpet Cleaning you can plan an affordable service. We offer the lowest prices in Melbourne.

How We Do Carpet Cleaning?

Carpets can be cleaned with either carpet dry cleaning or carpet steam cleaning. The choice depends on the type of fabric your carpet is made of, the number of stains it has, and the extent of dirt it has got.

Carpet Dry Cleaning Process

  • Carpet Pre Inspection – Any of our carpet cleaning method initiates with a pre-inspection of the carpet.
  • Carpet Pre Vacuuming – First of all, we target the solid dirt and solid particles on the carpet. This is eliminated using vacuuming process.
  • Carpet Washing – Carpet washing is accomplished with the help of latest agitation equipment. Marks Carpet Cleaning always uses chemical free eco-friendly cleaning solutions for absolutely stunning outcomes of carpet dry cleaning. Be sure that your kids and pets are safe with our solutions.
  • Carpet Post Vacuuming – Once the washing is done, we indulge in vacuuming of the carpet. Our aim is to get rid of any residual dirt particles from deep within the fabric. Usually this process takes place at least after 24 hours of the washing.
  • Final Inspection – Lastly we do a final inspection of the carpet because unless we are sure the carpet is completely clean, we won’t leave your premises!

Carpet Steam Cleaning Process

  • Carpet Pre Inspection – Our cleaners have a keen eye for details and this is used well in the inspection of the carpets.
  • Carpet Pre Vacuuming – Again the solid particles are removed with pre vacuuming process.
  • Carpet Washing – We have some of the best eco-friendly cleaning solutions to do a wonderful cleaning of your expensive carpets. This gets rid of all kinds of stains.
  • Hot Water Extraction – Next, we use hot water extraction. This is the best cleaning method used worldwide by professionals for thorough carpet cleaning. Hot water is thrown under high pressure on the carpets along with an efficient cleaning solution. And then we extract everything from the carpet that gets rid of all dirty things from the carpet.
  • Carpet Pile Setting – Our professionals do pile setting so that your carpets stay as soft as they were in their initial days. This also restores the look of the carpet.
  • Carpet Drying – We have advanced air dryers and air movers for that perfect dry carpet. After all what use a cleaned carpet is unless it is dry!
  • Carpet Deodorizing – Lastly we deodorize the carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Why Choose Marks Carpet Cleaning Melbourne?

Melbourne has many carpet cleaning companies and you have a plethora of choice. Marks Carpet Cleaning is not just one of those companies but surely a superior one. Our customers love to get their carpets cleaned by us because:

  • We offer guaranteed services
  • We promised 100% customer satisfaction
  • We don’t use any chemicals
  • We have bio-friendly cleaning solutions
  • We have licensed and certified cleaners
  • We boast of 20 years of industry experience
  • We are prompt and professional
  • We offer same day carpet cleaning
  • We do emergency carpet cleaning
  • We are available 24×7 on weekends & public holidays too
  • We assure you of lowest prices in Melbourne

It is high time you give a makeover to your home/office by using our domestic and commercial carpet cleaning services. Giving an exclusive treatment to your luxurious carpets and be delighted! Call Marks Carpet Cleaning Melbourne for a free, no-obligation quote!

Our Customer’s Reviews About Our Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Steam Cleaning

5 5 1
Based on the dimensions given, I was given a rough quote of $200-$250 for carpet cleaning. The booking girl professionally given exact quote same quote after measuring the area properly. The carpet cleaner took 1 hours max to do the whole apartment carpet steam cleaning and there no stain mark left on the carpet. I wouldn't consider this a "heavy stain" as nothing was ever spilt there (and we have used other cleaners that have removed pollen stains from the carpet with no hassles) - it was just standard use, so should have been an easy clean. I will give the cleaner points for being early though which was appreciated.


5 5 1
I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful of a job the team did today. From the shower tiles to my perfume tray... Total attention to detail! I'm so grateful.

Excellent Carpet Cleaning Services

5 5 1
We received professional carpet cleaning service from Mark's Cleaning company. Their carpet cleaner came on time, they also work over the weekend. We call them in the morning and they come same day for carpet steam cleaning. After the cleaning all stains from done the carpet. Our carpets look like new now. We would like to highly recommend Mark for carpet cleaning service. Thanks, Paul

Professional Carpet Cleaners

5 5 1
Mark's Carpet Cleaners very professional. Would like to highly recommend this company

Prompt Carpet Water Restoration

5 5 1
A big thank you for your prompt and highly efficient carpet water restoration service. If you guys had not come on time, I would have lost my carpets completely. But thanks to your professional services, they are fresh and clean again.

Certified Cleaners for Carpet Cleaning

5 5 1
Mark’s carpet cleaning experts are very friendly nature and thorough. They cleaned and treated our Bedroom. Made the carpet look, feel, and smell like new again, even though our cat had a few accidents on it. I'll definitely be hiring them from now on. Thx! Mark’s carpet cleaning is a reliable and efficient company to take care of all of your cleaning needs. I would highly recommend them.

Chemical Free Carpet Cleaning

5 5 1
I always use Marks Carpet Cleaning for carpet cleaning solutions. I am impressed with their chemical free carpet cleaning. They do not use any kind of harmful chemicals and their eco-friendly cleaning solutions do not leave any carbon footprints on the environment. After 5 years of using their services, now even my friends and family have started using their carpet cleaning services.

Excellent Carpet Cleaning Service

5 5 1
Excellent Carpet Steam Cleaning Service from Mark's Carpet Cleaning Melbourne. From the word go. Very polite lady who turned up to clean the carpet. She did not even charge extra for removing suborn stains. Very happy with customer service from Leanne over the phone. Highly recommended company 🙂

Great Carpet Cleaner

5 5 1
Great Carpet Cleaning guy. Very polite and genuine guy. Professional carpet steam cleaning company in Melbourne.


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Excellent Carpet Cleaning Service

I called to obtain a quote for carpet cleaning advising what I required to be cleaned. I was told it should be around $110.00 which was comparable to the $90.00 I paid a few years ago with another company. Upon arrival the operator measured the rooms which needed to be cleaned advising me that the cost would be $100.00 which was 100% same as initial quote. I called the company to get more quotes for other rental property I got across Melbourne.Will always hire Mark’s Carpet Cleaning Melbourne. Needless to say they are my number 1 choice then comes to carpet steam cleaning services. Would ALWAYS recommend this company. On a positive note the operator was on also time!

Jenny Crapper

Happy carpet cleaning service

I contacted Marks carpet cleaning to get a quote to have a carpet repaired and the person I was communicating with via email was very professional carpet cleaner’s team contacted me straight after I provided my phone to him/her. Very happy with the carpet cleaning and carpet repair service.

Samantha West

Amazing Carpet Stain Removal Services

I could not believe my eyes when Marks Carpet Cleaning delivered an amazing carpet stain removal service at my home. The stains simply vanished from the carpet and it looked fresh and bright again!

Jordy Andrews

Carpets look Great after Cleaning

We are a big family and have a two storey home. Because of so many kids at home, our carpets and upholstery gets more than often dirty and stained. We usually avoid calling professional cleaners as they ask for a fortune. But someone suggested Marks Carpet Cleaning and we called them up. The results were fantastic. We never knew that our carpets could look so good after cleaning. The team has advised me to get my carpets cleaned more frequently and I will definitely follow this suggestion. After all who wants to replace carpets and shell a fortune to buy new ones!

- Hailey Gravel

spot removal

Thank you mark for cleaning my carpets and paying special attention to the spot marks all the carpets look great. Thanks again.


Wine Stain Removal from Carpet

What do you when you get a wine stain on a beautiful carpet of yours? I didn’t have any idea what to do but thanks to a friend who suggested taking help of Marks Carpet Cleaning. The wine stain is completely gone after their carpet cleaning stain treatment. They know magical tricks to do away with carpet stains. I am definitely going to use their services again!

Benedetta Campitelli

Carpet Stain Removal

Mark’s carpet cleaning team removed stubborn wine stains from the carpet without damaging carpet. No color got fade after carpet stain removal service. Our Carpet stains were treated gently and no shrinkage or color fade and after the carpet steam cleaning service are carpets are restored back to look like new.
Highly Recommended Business!!!!
– Amanda

Carpet Restoration from Hot Water System Leak

My hot water system leaked yesterday and I had to call a few cleaners. Some of them refused to take any same day service request as it was a public holiday and then I found Marks Carpet Cleaning Melbourne on Google. I called them up and asked if they could help. To my surprise, they agreed to come the same day and restore my carpets from water damage. I am so thankful to you guys for saving my precious carpet and restoring it so well that it looks as good as new. –

Inri Denna

Excellent Customer Service by Marks Carpet Cleaning

Marks Carpet Cleaning Melbourne offers excellent customer service. I was pleased to be in touch with them right from my first call. The entire staff makes sure that their customers get the best of service and treatment at each step. I will be calling them again to keep my carpets clean, neat, and looking as good as new! – Holly

water extraction

I accidentally broke my fishtank and flooded a couple of rooms. I rang Marks carpet cleaning and the service was remarkable I had someone at my home within the hour as promised. I had the water extracted and these drying machine things for a few days. I applaud your service. so thank you

Martha Bill

Office Carpet Cleaning

We have been using Marks Carpet Cleaning Melbourne for last two years for office carpet cleaning. They have true professionals who know how to perform their job without disturbing others and creating a mess. They come after office hours most of the time when there are less people and do their job in a fine way. We have recommended their services to our partners and clients too. Keep Up!

Roberto Martinelli
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