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Our house furnishing and interior look are incomplete without our carpets. Carpets are put to extreme usage which makes them vulnerable to wear and tear. Carpets are available in a variety of fabrics and finishes. Over time dust and debris may settle on your carpet making it look dirty and ruining its quality. Food spills and stains such as oily stains can degrade your carpet if not managed. Some stains can result in the formation of mould and can harbour harmful bacteria and germs.Which will increase the chances of getting sick. Carpets should be vacuum cleaned regularly to take care of dust and dirt. And for stains, you can follow this guide for carpet stain removal.

Carpet Stain Removal
Carpet Stain Removal

DIY for Carpet Stain Removal

1. Warm Water and Detergent
In case of a food spill such as ketchup, this method can be used. First of all, remove the excess of the food spill using a paper towel. Make sure to not spread the stain. Now, for carpet stain removal you can mix some detergent with warm water, put some of it on a clean cloth and gently dab and very lightly scrub the stain making sure to not spread it by pressing too hard. Repeat the process with a clean cloth and paper towel. Finally, sprinkle some warm water on the area and blot with a paper towel to remove excess detergent.
2. Carbonated Water
Carbonated water is a good Carpet Stain Removal agent you can use. Carbonated water is neutral meaning it is neither acidic nor basic, so it won’t harm your carpet and its fibres. You can gently rub the stain with a cloth wet with carbonated water. This process can be repeated until the stain is gone. Now let the carpet dry. It should be kept in mind that the scrubbing should not be rigorous otherwise the stain will seep deep into the carpet and spread. At such point, you should contact professional carpet cleaners.
3. Baking Soda and White Vinegar
Baking soda and vinegar is a very good method of DIY carpet stain removal. Mix some vinegar with water and add it on the stain. After letting it sit for 5 minutes put a thick layer of baking soda on it. Let the soda absorb the stain and dry. After it dries vacuum clean. Repeat for stubborn stains.

Professional Carpet Cleaner
Professional Carpet Cleaner

Professional Assistance: Marks Carpet Cleaning

Carpet stains can be caused by many agents. Your best bet is professional help. Hire Marks Carpet Cleaning for Carpet Cleaning and carpet stain removal. We use modern equipment and tools and our team of skilled experts are better than any other. Hire us for your carpet cleaning needs.

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