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There are various ways through which you can do your tad bit and protect the integrity of your carpets. Here are a few DIY carpet cleaning methods that you can adopt to keep your carpets well-maintained throughout!

  1. Club Soda Process

    Club soda is very effective against the stain of beer and wine. To do so, blot the stained area with soda on a cloth. If this does not work, then you can use one part vinegar with one part water, pour this mixture into a handheld sprayer.

    Spray the mixture on the affected area and let it sit for about 15-20 minutes. Then take a sponge and simply wipe the stain and mixture, it will come out easily. You may have to repeat for 2-3 times if the stain is strong. After this just clean that area with warm water.

  2. Try out the Shaving Cream Method

    It is said that one of the best methods to clean stains and spots off from the carpet is a shaving cream. Yes, it will remove just about any kind of stain. Apply the shaving cream directly to the stain and leave it for 30 minutes. Once the shaving cream is properly set, just blot it away with a piece of cloth. You can use warm water again to wipe the affected area; this prevents any kind of germs to breed.

  3. Dried- Freeze Gum

    Professional Carpets Cleaning in Melbourne

    Professional Carpets Cleaning in Melbourne

    One of the most disastrous situations is the sticking of the chewing gums on the carpet. Don’t worry- immediately head towards your freezer and grab some ice cubes. Now, freeze the gum with the ice cubes for about 30-40 seconds. Once the gum freezes, take a spoon to take the gum up and cut the attached strands of carpet material as close to the gum as possible.

  4. Vacuum Cleaning

    On a daily basis clean your carpets with the help of vacuum cleaners. Once a week, you can beat out the dust and dirt with the help of the some hard wooden stick.

  5. Clean the Pet’s Fallings

    Even well- trained pets like cats and dogs can turn your carpet stinky and messy. In such situation, it is always recommended to use organic cleaners easily available in the market. Don’t use the chemicals for this purpose, as it may harm the material of the carpet. Just spray the organic cleaner on the mess and blot it with a considerable sized cloth after 10-15 minutes. You are good to go after this.

So, keep your carpet clean all the time with the above-mentioned tricks.

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