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Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning In Adelaide- Professional Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Service  

Need a trusted carpet cleaning company? Call Mark’s Carpet Cleaning for Same-Day Service on 0488 851 277. We deliver a wide range of carpet cleaning services in Adelaide. Furthermore, we promise you the bright and new look of the carpet. We endeavor the Carpet Steam Cleaning, Carpet Stain Removal, Carpet Shampooing, and more such affordable services for the entire Adelaide suburbs. In addition, we are licensed and certified as a legal carpet cleaner in Adelaide. With long-term experience in carpet cleaning & restoration, our experts have built strong trust amongst our clients. 

  • Locally-owned carpet cleaners.
  • Emergency Carpet Cleaning.
  • Professional Cleansers. 
  • Better Carpet treatment & protection.

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    Complete Carpet & Rug Steam Cleaning Adelaide

    Mark’s Carpet Cleaning Adelaide offers the most reliable Rug & Carpet Steam cleaning for both domestic & commercial places. Expert of Marks Carpet Cleaning knows how important clean carpeting for your home. We work carefully to make sure your dirty carpet cleaned properly. This process more beneficial than any other method. Steam cleaning is a thorough clean, extracting dirt, grime, and soil that damages the carpet. You will get a superior result, all bacteria and germs also killed from your carpets and rugs. For healthful purposes, it should be steam cleaned (especially if you have babies or pets). We also offer carpet odour elimination services – residual pet, smoke and cooking odours can all be taken care of, swiftly and efficiently.

    Benefits of Carpet Steam Cleaning

    • Dust mite infestation removed
    • Increase carpet lifespan.
    • Prevent Mould Growth
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    Why Residential Carpet Cleaning is Important?

    Searching for top rated carpet cleaner professional team for your residential carpet? Marks Carpet Cleaning offer amazing domestic carpet cleaning service. Residential carpet has more foot movement, which means more dust and grime dragged in from the outside. This can lead to dirty and stained carpets as well as an increased chance of diseases and illnesses. Professional carpet cleaning helps to eliminate grime and bacteria trapped under the fibers. Carpet cleaning also helps to enhance the overall look of the home and decreases the risk of hazarding the health of homeowners. You should expect a qualified and skilled technician who is friendly, dedicated and cares about the cleanliness, health and well being of your home. Our all cleaner fully qualified and certified to clean all type of dirty carpet.  Book our top quality carpet cleaning services today and get rid of dirt and germs from your carpet.

    residential carpet cleaning adelaide

    Marks Carpet Cleaner Provide Effective Carpet Cleaning Adelaide Services

    Marks Carpet Cleaning is #1 carpet cleaning company. We provides all kind of carpet cleaning and restoration services.

    carpet cleaner
    Carpet dry cleaning


    carpet dry cleaning
    Carpet Spot Removal


    carpet spot removal
    Stain Removal


    carpet bonnet cleaning
    Carpet Bonnet Cleaning


    hot water extraction
    Hot Water Extraction


    carpet sanitization
    Carpet Sanitizing cleaning



    We Provide Top Quality Carpet Cleaning and Sanitizing

    Marks Carpet Cleaning Adelaide provides following carpet cleaning services:

    carpet steam cleaning



    Carpet Steam Cleaning

    We have the knowledge and abilities needed to tackle just about every type of carpet cleaning. Our expert cleaner knows what clients expect from us – professionalism, capability and extraordinary results.


    carpet dry cleaning


    Carpet Dry Cleaning

    In carpet dry cleaning service we use little or near about no water during the cleaning. This carpet cleaning method is achieving high demand due to the advantages and benefits it comes up.

    pet odor removal


    Pet Odor Removal

    If stubborn pet odours are destroying the happiness of your residence, contact us today. Let us help you recover the fresh-smelling environment that will make pleasant for you and your children.

    carpet shampooing


    Carpet Shampooing Adelaide

    Carpet shampooing is a technique to thoroughly cleans and sanitizes the stained carpet. If the carpets are massively soiled and stained, then it is the most reliable approach to clean the carpet.

    carpet stain removal


    Carpet Stain Removal Adelaide

    We are here to remove any stain like food stain, coffee stain, pet urine stain, slime stain from your carpet. Hire us for stain removal service We provide and ensuring the results you require.

    truck mounted carpet cleaning


    Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning 

    It is an efficient method to clean the carpet. All the solutions used to clean the carpet remain inside the truck. We provide the best result with the truck-mounted carpet cleaning technique.

    Our Carpet Cleaning Process

    Steps of the carpet cleaning process:

    Pre-inspection: We examine the carpet on-site. Our team will inspect the carpet to identify the spots and stains. 

    Pre-carpet cleaning: The next step is to move the furniture out of the way. If you have removable carpets, we clean them in the balcony, suitable to you.

    Vacuuming: We will eliminate all the dirt, dust, or grime from carpet’s surface by vacuuming. 

    Spot and Stain Treatment: We remove all spots and stain that require extra care; solutions are used by a cleaning operator to release the spot from carpet.

    Shampooing: We will use shampooing carpet to loosen any dirt deep within the fibres, all dust extract thoroughly with shampooing method.

    Powerful suction: With the powerful suction machine, we will extract the remaining water and dust particles from the carpet, also dry it fast.

    Final inspection: In the end, We examine the rug to ensure the effective result and customer satisfaction.

    carpet cleaning process

    Stains We Remove with Our Advanced Cleaning Solution

    Red Wine and Juices Stain

    Red wine and juice stains are challenging to eliminate with DIY. You need a specialist cleaner. Our expert team are capable of removing the red pigment from your carpet thoroughly.

    wine stain

    Slime Stain

    To remove slime stain from your carpet book us, We have specialist technicians that eliminate slime stain from your carpet without damaging it. You will not see any mark of slime at the end of our stain removal service. 

    slime stain

    Blood Stain

    Bloodstain over the carpet is a general problem in the home. If bloodstain is not removed on the right time, then it will generate bacteria and germs. We have expert carpet cleaners that eliminate the bloodstain from the carpet.

    blood stain

    Coffee Stain

    Coffee spill on carpet ruin it, but Not to worry, we can get a coffee & tea stain out of your carpet. Book an expert cleaner to remove the stain asap to stop any further damage. We are the best in the town for stain removal. 

    coffee stain

    Grease, Oil, Tar Stain

    Grease, oil and tar are challenging, but our professional cleaner team give you fantastic cleaning result to remove stubborn oil stain from your carpet. We can help you in the best way. 

    oil, grease stain

    Get a Higher Standard of Carpet Cleaning

    We will first inspect the carpet, what type of cleaning requires and then use the suitable carpet cleaning technique. We mostly use carpet steam cleaning method. Some time use dry carpet cleaning, depends on your carpet dirt. Shampooing and sanitizing the carpet is the standard, reliable and efficient way. Our experts use the latest technology and top-quality equipment to carry out the shampooing method. All type of grime and spots thoroughly dealt with extensive vacuuming and shampooing. The carpet will be dry and chemical-free after the cleaning. We ensure the original freshness of the carpet without any bad odour.

    24×7 Emergency Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

    If you require emergency carpet cleaning and restoration services, Marks Carpet Cleaning Adelaide is available 24 hours, seven days a week for your business or domestic emergency carpet cleaning requirements. We use the most superior truck-mounted carpet cleaning method. Our effective hot water extraction gives the most reliable results without the harsh brushing of other carpet cleaning techniques. For flood restoration service you can hire our professionals, we provide same day carpet cleaning service. Contact our expert carpet dirty cleaning service in any emergency case on same day of booking.

    carpet sanitization

    Amazing Carpet Sanitization Service

    Our carpet shampooing and sanitizing service will increase the indoor airflow and air quality of your house. We will eliminate the carpet germs by quickly neutralizing carpets. Our carpet cleaners in Adelaide will eradicate all the bacteria, insects, and viruses from the rug. Removing the stains and grime will immediately protect your carpet from damage and will make the life of your carpet expanded by providing it with the proper care. Hire our expert carpet cleaner team for sanitize your dirty carpet and get fresh and dry carpet.

    Carpet Mould Removal Service

    We provide effective Carpet Mould Treatment. The infestation of mould makes different diseases, such as breathing difficulties, wheezing, runny nose, watery eyes, congestion, and skin diseases. Also, if you start eliminating the mould infestation by yourself, then it may be risk spread over the other areas too. Hire Mark’s Carpet Cleaner that gives efficient results in the first appointment. Our experts deal with these mould by the most reliable possible tools and methods. Proper training is given to our carpet cleaners so that they can clean all types of spots & soil particles of different kinds of carpet. Book us for amazing carpet mould removal service at affordable cost.

    End of Lease Carpet Cleaning 

    Are you going out of your rental premises? Our expert cleaner helps to ensure a rapid return of your bond. We are professional in carpet cleaning, including high-pressure steam cleaning for the most extensive refreshment. We have many years of experience in providing all type of carpet stain and mould removal. Our team comes to your house at your most suitable time and starts the job after inspection. Our services improve the chances of getting your security back. Believe our carpet cleaners for domestic and industrial End of lease carpet cleaning services. We guarantee that the rented carpet will be in the best condition after our cleaning service.

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    Benefits of Hiring Mark’s Carpet Cleaner Adelaide

    All carpet cleaning companies are not same. Our teams have some special qualities for which most of the people in Adelaide hire us. Here are some of those reasons: 

    • We use a proven method in the elimination of grime, stains, and allergens to deliver the most reliable results. 
    • We remove smell from your home carpet fibres.
    • Our cleaning product stops further damage as it shields against wear and Tears.
    • Our powerful vacuum cleaning machine removes all the water out of the carpet, leaving minimum moisture.
    • All carpet cleaning methods are cost effective and professional.
    • We provide 24×7 emergency and same day carpet cleaning service.
    • Fully qualified, skilled and experienced cleaner.

    Our Carpet Cleaning Services in All Suburbs of Adelaide

    Adelaide is the capital city of the state of South Australia. It is the fifth-most famous city of Australia. Our specialist team offer all type of carpet cleaning services such as carpet mould removal, stain removal, spot treatment across Adelaide. Also, we offer expert carpet cleaners in Perth. Some Suburbs In Adelaide where we service are mentioned below :

    carpet cleaning adelaide

    Frequently Asked Question

    How much does it cost to clean dirty carpet?

    Marks Carpet Cleaning costs between $30 to $80 per room. For an average three-bedroom house, you can expect to pay $200 whereas whole big house carpet cleaning can cost between $400 to $550. You can share your carpet cleaning details with us to get an estimated price for your needs. 

    Will all stain come out from carpet after professional cleaning?

    Yes. We can clean all stains professionally so no stain will be left on your carpet after cleaning. For best results, it’s recommended you call us before leaving anything on your carpet. That way, we’ll know how to best deal with the problem and get rid of that nasty stain fast! We’re more than happy to help whether it be removing an oil spill or removing old pet stains for good. 

    Is cleaning product used by your professional cleaner safe?

    Yes, all cleaning product used by Marks Carpet Cleaning in Adelaide are safe and effective for your carpet. Moreover, it will not impact your family and pets in any way. Our team will test the cleaning solution before starting the work. 

    Does your carpet cleaning process restore the original beauty of my dirty carpet?

    Yes, our effective cleaning process restore original beauty of your carpet. Your carpet will be fresh, dry, and dust free. Our team is aware of all the problems a carpet can have and we also inspect your carpet before cleaning. So our team will surely restore your carpet to the best of its condition.