Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Carpet Cleaning in Adelaide for a Healthier Home

Marks Carpet Cleaning helps you eliminate foul smell and odors and get rid of allergens, thus improving the air quality.

Expert carpet cleaners of Marks Carpet Cleaning ensure that your carpets are cleaned properly. We adopt 100% eco-friendly methods and make sure that your carpet is rendered as fresh as before.

But, is Carpet Cleaning Necessary?

There are a number of reasons as to why it is important to maintain cleanliness of carpets and rugs in our house:

  • First and foremost, a dirty carpet makes your house look messy and dirty. It makes it very unpleasant for the rest of family members to live in.
  • If carpets are not cleaned regularly, they may lose their luster and shine. Dirt can also ruin the overall look and feel of your carpet.
  • Talking about hygiene, it becomes extremely crucial to conduct a regular cleanup of carpet. A dirty carpet attracts dirt and dust and degrades the air quality of your house. Furthermore, it may even lead to coughing and sneezing.
  • Our carpets are always prone to accidental spillages, which when not cleaned then and there, can lead to the growth and breeding of fungus.
  • Dirty carpets can also prove to be detrimental to your kids and pets and can lead to problems like diarrhea and upset stomach.
Carpet Cleaning Adelaide
Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Can You Clean Carpets at Home?

That said; it is imperative by now that carpet cleaning is necessary. But, can you clean carpets at home?

Well, yes, you can make attempt to upkeep and maintain a carpet at home. But, on a larger scale, and when they are to be cleaned thoroughly, professional carpet cleaners in Adelaide do it better.

Following are some DIY techniques which can be used to clean the carpets and rugs at home:

  • Vacuuming

Regular vacuuming of carpets doesn’t allow the dirt and dust to settle permanently and create further damage. With vacuum cleaners, you only have to learn 2 tricks to use it properly. First- set the right pressure on the machine, and second- move the vacuum cleaner in right manner starting from along the corners.

  • Steam is really helpful

In this method, one has to pre-condition the carpet with a simple organic chemical reagent which can react with the accidental spills and hold to remove them from the carpet fur.

Then, hot water is injected into the carpet material and left for some time. After about 15-20 minutes, the solution of water and the organic chemical is extracted with a help of vacuum cleaner.

  • Blotting is very useful

Carpet Stain Removal Services
Carpet Stain Removal Services

Blot as you go! When in the home, accidental spillages from kids and pets are obvious. The best way here to control the damage is by blotting the carpet immediately.

This is because if spillage is left to dry for some time, it might become dry and stick to the fur, making it quite different to remove in future.

Now, to remove such spills you can take a cotton cloth and dip it in a mixture of vinegar and 2 cups of water. Then blot the cloth over the stain and leave it there for 5-6 minutes. Remove the cloth, you will see that the stain is no longer there and your carpet is absolutely clean.

But, this is not as easy as it seems. This is why you must hire Marks Carpet Cleaning in Adelaide and get the best carpet protection.

Carpet Dry Cleaning Adelaide
Carpet Dry Cleaning Adelaide

Reliable Carpet Cleaning Services in Adelaide at Your Doorstep

  • We are certified and licensed carpet cleaning professionals in Adelaide
  • We use eco-friendly products to clean your carpets
  • We adopt high-end equipment and latest technologies
  • We make use of hot water extraction technique, dry cleaning, encapsulation, and others
  • We are an expert in floodwater damage restoration
  • We provide scotch guard protection
  • We help you remove urine, accidental spillages, stains and spots from your carpet
Flood Damage Carpet Restoration in Adelaide
Flood Damage Carpet Restoration in AdelaideCarpet Vacuum Cleaning in Adelaide

Our Carpet Cleaning Procedure in Adelaide

  • As soon as we get an appointment from any of our beloved customers from Adelaide, we send two of our professionals to do a quick inspection.
  • Next day, our entire team arrives at the concerned house to carry out the cleaning process.
  • We start with normal dusting and then vacuum the carpets.
  • We make sure to remove the furniture’s and other items kept on the carpet ensure proper cleaning.
  • Our team of professionals makes sure that the vacuum cleaners are moved in a proper manner starting from edges and following a pattern of parallel lines to ensure the material is not damaged.
  • After this, chemical treatment is carried out. We look for various stains and spills in order to remove it with chemical treatment. For this, we take a piece of cotton cloth or a carpet cleaning brush, stain it with an organic chemical and rub it over the spills and stains. It is allowed to settle for some time, so that reaction can take place. After some time, we blot the stain with help of another cotton ball or cloth.
  • In order to remove germs and bacteria, the carpets and rugs are then washed with a help of lukewarm water. Lukewarm water is used for this process as it has the ability to remove all kinds of harmful bacteria and germs which by chance could not be cleaned by earlier methods.
  • As a final step we, leave the rugs and carpets under the sun to dry. Sunlight also kills the germs.
  • After the entire process is over, we handover a cleaned, lustrous, shiny carpet to our customers.
Carpet Steam Cleaning Adelaide
Carpet Steam Cleaning Adelaide

Why Hire Marks Carpet Cleaning in Adelaide?

  • Without any doubt, we are the best team of professional carpet cleaners in Adelaide, owing to the latest tools and techniques that we use to clean carpets.
  • We provide a top-notch cleaning service at best affordable prices.
  • We provide a quick drying time
  • We aim for 100% customer satisfaction
  • We make use of powerful extraction machines
  • We offer free and no obligation quote for cleaning carpets
  • We provide same day and emergency services
  • We use eco-friendly methods
  • We are backed by fully licensed and certified carpet cleaners in Adelaide

Wait no more! Let’s clean your carpet today. Talk with us now.

Location: Adelaide, SA, Australia

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