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Carpet Cleaning Services

Do you have dirty carpets that are hard to clean? Is daily vacuuming not getting rid of the dirt and grime on your carpets?
Do your carpets look old and flat even though you recently bought them? If your answer to any of the above questions is positive, we are here to help you for Carpet Cleaning Brisbane.

Mark’s carpet cleaning is a leading company in Brisbane dealing in carpet cleaning services. Our team of experts can help you not just clean your carpets but also get rid of stains, germs, mould and bacteria. Moreover, we believe that clean carpets make your home look better.

Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Carpet Cleaning Brisbane


Why is the Carpet Cleaning Necessary?

Of all the furnishings in a home, a carpet is the one that is exposed to the most dirt, pollution and wear and tear. Since we walk on the carpets with our dirty shoes all the time, it naturally collects a lot of grime, dirt and germs.  If you have children or pets, you probably have the dirtiest carpet in the whole town because we all know how our children and beloved pets like to sprawl over the carpets, spilling food and toys everywhere.

Also, the number of art projects our children do that leads to various paint splatters, and the different kinds of stains from our daily living is something that isn’t easy to get rid of. We understand that a carpet is not only an important financial investment, but it also helps your home look beautiful and pleasant. Hence, it is extremely important to keep your carpet neat and clean. It not only helps in improving the appearance of your carpet and home in general but also increases the lifespan of your carpet.

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Carpet Cleaning Checklist

  • Carpet inspection by professionals
  • Choosing the cleaning methods by professionals
  • Deep Vacuuming with the latest vac cleaner
  • Spraying by professionals to the carpet to lose up any dirt and soil present in the deep
  • Stain removal process by professionals
  • Professional Steam cleaning the carpet using the hot water extraction method
  • Deodorization and sanitization professionally (extra cost)
  • 3-6 hours Drying

One Stop Solution For Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

The ideal procedure to follow is to clean your carpet professionally at least once or twice a year depending upon the amount of dirt and other contaminants that are there on the carpet. But you should try to vacuum it at least once every week to keep the dust, hair and other particles away.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Brisbane

Commercial places use a long and large size carpet which is not easy to be handled in their dirty and stained condition. You can’t let your business running in a rough and tough environment. We can take better care of your carpet with our professional’s team for a carpet cleaning services in Brisbane.  We have solution for all your carpet related problems – from carpet shampooing and stain removal to deodorizing and dry cleaning. The professionals are highly experienced and skilled for the service and well-known to the exact methods and techniques for carpet cleaning. Thus, we are able to make your carpet at commercial premises  neat, clean and long-lasting.

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

  • Extends the Lifespan of your Carpet

    One of the most important advantages of professional carpet cleaning  is that it extends the lifespan. Over time, dust, allergens, bacteria, dirt, oils, and other contaminants accumulate on it. These particles then get embedded in the fibres of the carpet which can make the carpet fibres split, break and deteriorate. These contaminants are very likely to attach themselves to a carpet that is dirty than a clean one.

    Carpet Shampooing

    Carpet Shampooing

    Hence, it’s important to remove this, if you want to keep the carpet in good condition for a longer period of time.

  • Eliminates Pollution

    According to a report by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, dirty carpets are the breeding ground of indoor pollutants. Every day, the carpet gets clogged by the dust, numerous particle pollutants, and allergens. A carpet also traps toxic airborne gases which can lead to respiratory issues. Thus cleaning will free your carpet from this issue. 

    • It helps in the prevention of mould.
    • It also helps prevent dust mite.
    • Health safety of children & pets


  • Removal of Bacteria

    While vacuuming does remove the surface dirt, bacteria, viruses and the deeply embedded debris often remain hidden. Professional cleaning helps get rid of the bacteria, allergens and other germs, providing you with a healthy environment.

  • Improved Airflow & Quality

    Many people don’t know this but dirty carpets can actually hamper the airflow inside your home. When there is a lot of dust, debris and dust accumulation, the airflow gets obstructed, especially the wall areas where the air requires to be moved the most. Moreover, your home and especially the rooms can feel suffocating and stuffy if your carpets are dirty. 

  • It Also Helps in Reducing the Impact of Traffic

    Some areas of the carpeting receive more foot traffic than others like hallways, kitchens, living rooms etc. These areas tend to damage much faster than those under couches and furniture. The benefit of carpet cleaning here is that it will eradicate the contaminants and slow down these their effects on the carpet. 

Carpet Sanitisation Brisbane

Carpet Sanitisation Brisbane

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning Of Carpet

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is the most efficient process to clean any carpet, it’s safe and effective at the same time hassle free. It’s suggested by every professional carpet cleaners. This method removes all the dust and dirt and kills bacteria as well. At Marks Carpet Cleaning we own the best technicians for carpet cleaning, who ensure quality carpet steam cleaning experience.

Mould Removal Service

Carpets can also face a problem of black mould. Mould is hazardous for health and any exposure to it can lead to irritation and allergies. With the use of safe and eco-friendly products we make sure that mould is removed without harming your home environment. Professional carpet deep cleaning services can get rid of mould effectively and prevent it from reappearing.

Carpet Sanitisation Services

Pet Stain Removal

Carpet Sanitisation Brisbane

Carpets have to face a daily accumulation of dirt dust and debris which helps in the growth of germs. Professional carpet cleaners provide effective carpet sanitization for complete termination of germs.. Eco-friendly and green products are used to deliver carpet sanitization without harming your carpets and home environment. If you will ignore carpet sanitization you may put yours and your family’s health at risk.

Stain Removal In Brisbane

As a renowned name in the field of carpet deep cleaning service, Mark’s Carpet Cleaning will provide you with all kinds of carpet stain removal services. We can treat and remove all stains from the carpet irrespective of their source. Some common carpet stain removal service is given below:

  • Blood Stain Removal

    Carpets can face blood stain from any kind of wound or injury, and pet injury etc. Blood stains can leave a permanent mark on the carpet and cause its fibres to decolourise. It promote severe germ growth and compromise the hygiene of the carpet. We deliver the best carpet blood stain removal service with the use of strong and safe solvents that will dissolve and remove all the blood stains.

  • Coffee Stain Removal

    Now get rid of coffee stains from the carpet without harming the carpet fibres. Coffee can permanently stain the carpet and lead to discolouration. Our professional carpet cleaners are experienced in treating coffee stains on the carpet. We use effective products and solvents to extract coffee molecules and staining liquid for the carpet. 

  • Vomit Stain Removal

    If you puke or vomit on the carpet, or your pet does it, the carpet will soak in the vomit. Vomit stains can be very disgusting and contaminate the carpet with germs. Mark’s Carpet Cleaning provide with a carpet vomit stain removal service. In that, all the vomit liquid and extra water and fluid will be removed. Stains are further treated with commercial products which can also kill the germs.

  • Urine Stain Removal

    Urine stain is the most common problem for those homeowners who have kids or pets. Harmful bacteria and allergens raise in urine stain can affect health as well as damage the carpets. It’s important to contact professionals as soon as you observe a urine stain. Our cleaners are certified to deliver urine stain and odour removal services in both residential and commercial areas. Reach us for same-day removal services at a fair cost.

  • Pet Stain Removal

    Pets and carpets can never be friends, however, your pets love your carpets and chances of urine and poop stain increses. But worry not, the trained professionals of our team remove all kinds of pet stains and odours from carpets. We use natural deodorisers to remove any odours and making your carpets fresh.

Carpet Shampooing Brisbane

Carpet shampooing is one of the best ways to clean the carpet. It is advisable that you hire professionals for shampooing the carpet every three months. Mark’s Carpet Cleaning provide with the best carpet shampooing service in Brisbane. Our professional carpet cleaners are equipped with the latest tools and equipment. This method will result in making your carpets look new and its fibres appear fresh. 

Removing The Bad Odours

Dirty and unclean carpets releases a bad odour. Germs present in the carpet promote bad odour and affect indoor air quality. Mark’s Carpet Cleaning provide with carpet deodorisation to remove all types of bad odour. We use natural and green products to remove bad odour from the carpets. Safe disinfectants are used to kill germs and bacteria. Natural oils are used to add fragrance and freshness to the carpet.

Carpet Deodorising Brisbane

Carpet Deodorising

How Do Our Services Work?

Mark’s Carpet Cleaning ensures that you get the best service as expected. We work in the following way, starting from booking to the end of the service. 

  • Booking

    To book an appointment, all you need to do is give us a call or click on the online booking option. If you click on the online booking option, follow the steps to get an appointment. Once your appointment is scheduled, we’ll give you a confirmation email or message.

  • Inspection 

    After reaching your place, our cleaner will inspect your carpets – check the condition of the fabric, anad colour. They will also discuss the procedure with you and make sure you know everything about the process. You are free ask queries related with carpet cleaning. 

Our Carpet Cleaning Brisbane Process

After the inspection and discussion are over, the carpet area will made ready fo the service. Then the cleaning process will begin.

  • The first thing they will do is dry vacuuming – this is necessary for the removal of dirt, dust and other particles from the surface.
  • After that, they will work on stain removal. Carpet Cleaning Brisbane team uses eco-friendly and non-toxic solutions to remove the stains.
  • The third step will be Hot Water Extraction – here, our cleaners will use a technique of using hot water and cleaning solution which are when injected with high pressure, loosens up all the soil, dirt, stains and dust. Our cleaners will remove them using a powerful vacuum.
Best Carpet Cleaning Services

Best Carpet Cleaning Services


  • Affordable Services
  • Easy Availablity
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Consistent Results
  • Safe Cleaning Methods
  • Prolonged Carpet Life
  • Local Service Provider
  • Experienced Professionals

Dry Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

This method of carpet cleaning Brisbane is one of the newer technologies in the market but it is also one of the widely used methods by professional cleaners.

Dry carpet cleaning, also known as compound cleaning, is a process in which we apply a cleaning solution to the inner area of your carpet using a powerful mechanical counter-rotating brush machine. This opens the carpet fibre and allows the solution to settle deep inside, thus deeply cleaning the carpet.

To know more about cleaning methods, contact us by sending us an email.

Affordable Carpet Cleaning Services

Professional carpet cleaning is essential as it not only deep cleans the carpet but also extends its life and quality. We know people always think about the expenses and costs of carpet cleaning. We at Mark’s Carpet Cleaning feel immense pride when we provide our carpet cleaning services at reasonable costs. We will clean the carpet, treat the stains and finish the work all within a day. It is always ensured that you get the best service for the prices you pay to us. 

Why Choose Marks Carpet Cleaning Brisbane?

We know there are tons of different companies out there that provide services for carpet cleaning Brisbane. Most probably you would be asking yourselves, why exactly should you choose us?

Here’s The Answer –

  • We use 100% eco-friendly, biodegradable and toxic-free products.
  • Some carpet cleaning machines leave a residue when their equipment is old and ineffective. We keep ourselves updated with the latest tools and equipment. 
  • Same day carpet cleaning.
  • Professionally trained and well – qualified cleaning staff.
  • Flexible booking slots.
  • Fast drying time.
  • No hidden costs and affordable prices.
  • Restore your carpets to brand new.

So, if you want your carpets neat and clean, look no further than us. Give us a call today, simply dialing 0421 830 164.

Frequently Asked Questions on Carpet Cleaning Brisbane:

Does carpet cleaning ruin carpet?

No way, cleaning will not ruin the carpet if done by the best professionals. The services from us are provided by experienced and skilled professionals. There will be no damage to your carpet.

When can I put my furniture back after carpet cleaning?

When the carpet is properly dried, you can put back the furniture back to its original place, that may be over the carpet.

Are your products safe for my pets and children?

Yes, We only use tested and eco-friendly products which is totally safe. However, we use this product around high-traffic areas including hospitals, hotels, and schools. Contact us to know more about our products and services.

Is dry cleaning better than carpet steam cleaning?

Even though dry cleaning is a quicker process but it is not the best or better than carpet steam cleaning. Carpet Steam cleaning removes grime and impurities hiding deep within the carpet fibres, whereas, dry cleaning is less effective for the task. Moreover, the cleaning methods completely depend on the type of your carpet fibre.

Can you remove all the stains from my carpet?

Yes, We can remove completely remove stains from your carpet. We use modern tools and standard solutions which easily and quickly remove all types of stains such as blood, urine & wine stains.

Are you available on weekends to give the services?

Yes, we are available on weeekends to give the services. The service and schedule have been made keeping customers view in mind. We are in a way to make our services more comfortable and easily available for you.

Our Customer Review’s

Highly Efficient Team

Marks Carpet Cleaning is the best carpet cleaning company I have ever seen in my life. I am using their service for many years and have never felt dissatisfied. You can completely trust Marks Carpet Cleaning for all your carpet cleaning needs. The team is highly efficient and does an excellent carpet cleaning job. I have even compared their prices with other companies and no doubt they offer the lowest prices. I always keep recommending your name to all my friends and family. Keep up the good work.
- Willow

”Delightful Cleaners”

Marks Carpet Cleaning has a very efficient and effective carpet cleaning team delivering quality services. They have delightful carpet cleaners who delivered a quick and flawless service at an affordable rate. I am more than satisfied and will use the service again very soon.
- Jennifer Hawkins

Amazing performance

We are the receptionist at the local nightclub and the carpets over there are completely ruined every weekend due to the huge footfall and the dirt and mud carried inside. We were recommended Marks Carpet Cleaning and stunned at their carpet cleaning proficiency. We highly recommend Marks Carpet Cleaning!
- Sophie

"Exceptional carpet cleaning job"

I am really satisfied with the quality service furnished by the team of Marks Carpet Cleaning. Renting Marks Carpet Cleaning for fixing my carpet was the best decision I've ever made. They performed an exceptional carpet cleaning job.
- Madeleine Richards

Like to Recommend

Highly satisfied with the level of service and expertise. The two guys who showed up did not waste a single minute. They really knew what they were doing. They were very friendly and completely focused on their job. they also took some before and after pictures. I am so happy with the service and would like to recommend them to others.
- Steve Irwin

Well Trained Cleaners

We have used many other carpet cleaning companies but found Marks Carpet Cleaning as best among them. Marks Carpet Cleaning is a very trusted carpet cleaning company offering quality carpet cleaning services and unbeatable price. They have well trained their staff to do great carpet cleaning work. I really liked their team as they never hesitate to put in extra efforts and delivers the best result. Their performance is highly commendable. I highly recommend their services to all people.
- Eli

Location: Brisbane, QLD, Australia

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