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Carpets suffer through many damages with time and these damages can make your carpets look ugly and dull. Many kinds of damages like burns, holes etc can lead to a permanent collapse of the carpet installation. Most people often forget about hiring a professional carpet repair service for carpet burn damage restorations. Carpets can suffer burns from various sources like cigarette burns, iron burns, hookah charcoal burns or from burns through a nearby fireplace. Carpets can also suffer holes and rips through various means, your pet cat may tear your carpet fibres or by dropping a sharp knife or a heavy blunt object. It is highly advisable to hire Water Damage Restoration Service Process to restore the carpet through carpet patching service. Carpet patching is an easy and cost-effective way to fix the damaged carpet and restore it back to its original condition. Keep reading below to know more about carpet patching service and how its carried out.

Carpet Repair Services
Carpet Repair Services

When Do you Need Carpet Patching Service?

First of all, it depends on the extent of damage suffered by the carpet. Many kinds of damages can be restored through carpet patching like

  • Small holes on the carpet
  • Rips or tears along the carpet
  • Carpet bunching
  • Small burns on the carpet
  • Carpet cigarette burns
  • Carpet transitions
Carpet Burn Repair Services
Carpet Burn Repair Services

How Carpet Patching is Carried Out?

  • First and the most important part of carpet patching service is to find the remnant piece of the same carpet. If you don’t have any remnant piece of the carpet then either the professional carpet technicians will cut it form the installed carpet or they will have to buy it from the market. Exact same coloured and textured patch of the same donor carpet is bought from the carpet which is to be used for carpet patching.
  • Trimming of the repair piece is carried out by a proper and special carpet knife. It is very important to take care of all the measurements and dimensions of the damaged patch and the donor patch. After the dimensions of the damaged and donor patch are matched, the donor patch is ready to be fixed on the carpet.
  • Tracing of the damaged area is done to match the donor with the damaged patch of the carpet. This helps in fixing the donor patch on the damaged patch and to ensure that there are no gaps in between and to provide a perfect finish.
  • After tracing the damaged area, professional carpet technicians will then use a sharp carpet knife to cut out the shape of the damaged patch. Be it a circle, a square or a rectangle, it’s a must to be of the same shape as the donor. Proper care is taken while cutting out the damaged piece, it’s important to cut as small as possible to avoid extra damage. Large damaged patches of the carpet may require you to have a new carpet installation.
  • Afterwards, insertion of carpet tape is carried out. Insertion of carpet tape is quite tricky and complex and we have ensured that the patch is carefully fitted on the top of the tape.
  • It is important to place the donor patch in the right direction and with the right amount of force. Applying too much pressure will loosen up the carpet fibres and will result in the uneven fixing of the donor piece.
  • Trimming off extra fibres is carried out to provide a uniform and smooth outer layer of the now fixed carpet. It is also important to keep all the fibres in the same length as there would visible signs showing the division between old and new fixed donor piece.

Hire Professional Assistance

Carpet Patching is a complex and tricky job it is suggested that you hire only experts to get the job done. Our Marks Carpet Cleaning company will deploy expert professional carpet technicians to deliver the best carpet patching service for you. We provide our customers with carpet burn damage, carpet hole repair, carpet pet damage repair and all other kinds of carpet damage restorations services. We offer all kinds of Professional Carpet Repair in Melbourne services at affordable costs. Allow our professional carpet technicians to deliver the best carpet damage restoration for you at affordable costs today.

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