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Worried about an ugly stain on your precious carpet? Is a stain marring the beauty of your carpet and making it look bad in the eyes of your guests? Do you want to try some DIY methods for removing stains from your carpets? Well, a tried and tested method for carpet stain removal uses your everyday clothing iron. Yes, you can actually remove various types of different stains (including that of juice, wax, and wine) from a carpet by using that iron of yours. But how to do it? What else do you need for this? Here we explain three simple ways in which you can use your household iron for carpet stain removal:

Carpet Stain Removal Using Clothing Iron

Carpet Stain Removal Using Clothing Iron

  1. White Vinegar

White vinegar is a magical product. Apart from being an everyday household product, it comes handy in doing a lot of things and removing stains from carpets is just one of them. To start with, first of all, you need to vacuum the stained carpet area. It is important to first remove the dust accumulated on the carpet before you proceed with stain removal process.

After vacuuming, get your iron ready. It is suggested to plug the iron as near the stained carpet as possible. Set the iron for highest steam option. Now take white vinegar, normal water, and a spray bottle. Fill the bottle with 1/4th of a cup of white vinegar and 3/4th of a cup of water. The ratio should always remain the same 1:3 for vinegar and water. You can increase or decrease the amount of this cleaning solution as per your requirement.

Now take a white cotton towel (big enough for the stain) and immerse it in warm water. Wring it well because you need a damp towel. Then spray the above made cleaning solution over the stain on the carpet. Cover the stain with the damp towel and put the iron over it. Iron the stained area covered with the towel for a few minutes till you don’t see the stain anymore.

  1. Dishwashing Liquid

    How to Remove Dishwashing Liquid from Carpet

    How to Remove Dishwashing Liquid from Carpet

Another effective carpet stain removal technique using the clothing iron involves dishwashing liquid. All you have to do is take 5 drops of your regular dishwashing liquid soap. Mix this with 2 cups of water in a bucket. Now take a white cotton towel or a cotton rug to clean the stain. Immerse this towel into the bucket and wring it well so that you get a damp towel. Plug your iron near the carpet stain that you need to clean and remember to set it on low steam while using dishwashing soap.

Next you have to cover the carpet stain using the damp cloth and then keep the iron on the towel. You will have to wait for at least 15 minutes to see the magic. The stain will start getting soaked in the damp towel a few minutes later. Wait more if you need to. The time depends upon the intensity and type of stain on the carpet. So keep an eye and check after 15 minutes and do as required.

Also, if needed, move the iron to another place if the stain is too large to be covered by the iron at one go. Repeat the whole steaming procedure until you are able to get rid of the complete stain. This is an efficient carpet stain removal method that does not even cause any harm to the colour and fabric of your carpet.

  1. Removing Wax

Got candle wax on your carpet? Don’t panic. Your clothing iron will act as your saviour. To get rid of any wax from your carpet, you first have to scrape as much wax as possible. For this you can either use a knife or a pair of scissors. However, be very careful because a little negligence on your part may cause a cut in the carpet. So be gentle while doing so and very concentrated as well. Plug your iron near the carpet and set it for low steam.

Once you are done doing this, cover the remaining wax residue on the carpet with white paper towels. Now start ironing over the towels with mild pressure. The purpose is to make the wax melt, become liquid, and then get absorbed into the paper towels. This helps in removing wax from carpets. Nevertheless, if you still see any leftover greasy wax spots then you should use baking soda over these spots and then vacuum that specific area. This will definitely remove all wax stains.

How to Remove Wax from Carpet

How to Remove Wax from Carpet

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