I was thinking of replacing my carpets; can they be restored instead?

Yes, we can surely try to restore your carpets before you replace them new ones. In the past 10 years of successfully providing quality services to our customers in Melbourne, we have restored numerous carpets ever since. Some of them were those who were planning to replace their carpets thinking that they have been damaged beyond any repair at all.
Call us on 0421830164 to book an appointment and you might save yourself from wasting your valuable carpets.

What kind of services do you provide?

We are an exclusive mattress cleaning company that has been serving its clients for more than a decade in Melbourne. We do both mattress steam cleaning and mattress dry cleaning, depending upon the kind of mattress you have. Our mattress cleaners are specialists of mattress stain removal and mattress odor removal. Apart from that you can even get latex mattress cleaning, pillow top mattress cleaning, and mattress base cleaning. Marks Carpet Cleaning ensures that you get complete mattress dust removal and mattress anti-allergen cleaning. We also do mattress sanitizing for a complete clean up of your mattresses!

Is your company insured and licensed to provide carpet cleaning in Melbourne?

Yes, Marks Carpet Cleaning is a fully insured and licensed company to provide carpet cleaning in Melbourne. Even City Of Melbourne has recently endorsed our company and we have been awarded by the Council for providing best ducted heating & cooling services to local community. All of our cleaners are also insured and trained to offer you the best of service at affordable cost.

How can I know you are the best?

We are locals of Melbourne and we are here for more than a decade now. We have an invincible track record of extremely satisfied customers throughout who have never ever left using our cleaning services. You can read more about what our customers have to say regarding our carpet cleaning services on our Review Page and read their testimonials.

Does the actual cost is the same as the rough estimate?

We at Marks Carpet Cleaning ensure to provide you transparency right from the first step. So when you give us a call to ask for a rough estimate, our customer executives ask a few questions. The answers to these questions help us know more about the kind of work you need and what would it cost. However, we arrange for a personal visit to give you a more accurate estimate. Once our cleaners visit your place for the cleaning service, they will let you know what it would actually cost and will only start work after your confirmation. But you can be sure that there is hardly any gap between the rough estimate and the actual cost of our carpet cleaning services.

Should I choose carpet steam cleaning or carpet dry cleaning for my carpets?

Carpet steam cleaning involves usage of hot water extraction process, while on the other hand carpet dry cleaning involves use of very less water in the form of cotton absorbent pads that are immersed in hot water to scrub the carpet. Both the methods have effective results providing they are used appropriately by skilled technicians. The Marks Carpet Cleaning team will inspect your carpet and then decide which cleaning method would be more suitable for them.

Can you do carpet fungi removal too?

Yes, our carpet cleaning services ensures fungi removal from your carpets. Our cleaning solutions and methods are so designed that your carpets become hygienic and healthier to be used by anyone – even your kids and pets who are more prone to get infected!

Do you offer guaranteed results for your carpet cleaning services in Melbourne?

Yes, one of the benefits of using Marks Carpet Cleaning Melbourne is that you get guaranteed results for each cleaning service. So when you decide to get your carpets cleaned from us, you can just sit back and relax because we won’t leave your home/office unless you say “What a service!” Be assured of quality carpet cleaning services from Marks.

Can you do carpet flood restoration in Melbourne?

Yes, we do provide carpet flood restoration in Melbourne. In fact, we do have emergency and same day services for those unexpected situations when you need professional help immediately. Marks Carpet Cleaning Melbourne has experience of restoring thousands of carpet from water damage. So don’t hesitate to call our experts if you need carpet water restoration service

Can you provide wool carpet cleaning?

Yes, we do have wool carpet cleaning services. Marks Carpet Cleaning Melbourne offers carpet cleaning services for all kinds of carpets – Persian, Turkish, Rugs, wool, and synthetic etc. Just call us and our expert cleaners will take good care of your precious carpets.

Can you cater to same day carpet cleaning request?

Definitely! No problem for Marks Carpet Cleaning Melbourne. Same day carpet cleaning service is just another of those additional services at we provide to our customer at no additional cost.

Can steam cleaning cause any damage to my carpet?

This is a myth. Steam cleaning is considered the best cleaning procedure to suck out the deeply embedded dust, soil, and other contaminants. On the contrary, many leading carpet manufacturers are of the opinion that carpets should only be cleaned by the steam cleaning method.

What process do you follow for carpet cleaning?

At Marks Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, we have a set process for carpet cleaning that is strictly followed by our cleaners at all times. It involves the following steps:

  • Vacuuming
  • Deodorizing
  • Stain removal
  • Hot water extraction
  • Carpet drying
  • Sanitizing

This process is designed to get rid of not just stains and dust but also all kinds of contaminants and odours. If required, we use stain protectors to protect the carpets from future stains for a longer period.

What is the difference between Carpet Steam Cleaning and Carpet Dry Cleaning?

There is huge difference. Carpet Steam cleaning is a deep cleaning, we use Hot water extraction method, where we pump in steam deep into carpet layers and then using our high tech carpet cleaning machines we extract water back. This process removes germs, bacteria, dust etc from inside from your carpet.
However, carpet dry cleaning just take off dust from the carpet surface.

Can you remove Crayon from Carpet?

Yes, we can 100% remove Crayon from your Carpet.

Can you Clean Vomit from Carpets?

Yes certainly, we can clean vomit stains, vomit smell from your carpets.

Can Dissolve Baking Powder in Vinegar to get rid off Carpet Odors?

Yes you may use baking powder in vinegar to remove carpet odor. Please visit following video for the more information.

Did you get carpet cleaning award in Melbourne?

Yes, our carpet cleaning company got the reward in womo.wordofmouth-2016-sa-colour

Will be there wet smell after carpet steam cleaning?

No, our carpet cleaning process fully ensures that you will not get any wet smell from your carpets after the cleaning. Instead you will get lemon fragrance after the carpet cleaning.

Can you Remove a Dog Urine Smell From the Carpet?

Yes, we can get rid of any urine smell or urine stain from your carpets within 1 hours of the carpet cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning With Fabric Refresher?

Our carpet cleaning process will refresh you carpet and your carpet’s fabric will look like new.

Can you Clean Nail Polish Stain from the Carpet?

Yes, we can clean nail polish stain from your carpet using our carpet steam cleaning. We apply carpet stain removal natural chemical to get rid of the stains.

Would you able to Remove Red Wine & Vomit Stains From a Wool Carpet?

Yes, certain we can remove Red Wine & Vomit Stains From a Wool Carpet. Give us call on 0421830164 for the same day carpet cleaning in Melbourne.

How Often Should I Steam Clean my Carpets?

We would strongly recommend to professionally steam clean your carpet every 3 to 6 months. Carpet can be home for harmful germs, bacteria, fungi etc. If carpet not cleaned professionally can cause serious health issue. Normal carpet cleaning can not get rid of harmful germs from underneath the layers.
Marks carpet cleaning services can remove all the harmful germs from your carpets.

Are your carpet cleaners are certified?

Yes, our carpet cleaners are certified.

Will I be charged if we reschedule or Cancel Carpet Cleaning Booking?

No, do not charge cancellation fee for cancelling booking. However, if you could advise about the booking change in advance so that could assign other carpet cleaning jobs to our cleaners would be great.

Are there any hidden costs other than carpet cleaning quote?

We provide accurate carpet cleaning quotes over the phone. However, if our customers wanted to get extra services done. There might be some extra costs involved.

The following carpet cleaning services are in addition to our standard carpet cleaning service.

  1. Carpet Flood Damage Water Extraction
  2. Stubborn Urine Treatment
  3. Carpet Flood Damage Water Extraction
  4. Advance Carpet Stain Treatment
  5. Carpet Patch Work
  6. Carpet Pre Vacuum Service
  7. Pet Hair Removal from Carpets
  8. Advance Bactria treatment
  9. Deluxe Carpet Deodorising
  10. Heavily Soiled Carpets little extra for rotary agitation
  11. Carpet Protection and Heathguard

Would you able to Remove Mildew Out of my Carpets?

Yes, we can remove mildew 100% from your carpet. No color fade guaranteed after the mildew removal and carpet steam cleaning service!!!

Do you offer emergency carpet cleaning services in Melbourne?

Yes, you can avail emergency carpet cleaning services all across Melbourne at a very reasonable cost.

Any carpet cleaning Melbourne deals?

Yes – we got many carpet cleaning deals in Melbourne

  • FLAT 10% discount on carpet steam cleaning service
  • Melbourne seniors can get additional 15% discount on all kinds of carpet cleaning
  • No Extra charges for carpet deodorizing with out deluxe carpet steam cleaning service

How does carpet cleaning affect the health of the people?

Carpet cleaning can eliminate the chances of respiratory problems and breathing issues in people. Kids catch health issues more quickly because of this.

How can I clean curtains at home effectively?

Curtain cleaning can be done at home effectively with the help of various cleaning agents, which are easily available in the market.

How long should I stay off my carpet after a professional carpet steam clean?

yesplumbers advice you to allow a reasonable curing time after a carpet steam clean. It is better to use the carpet after that. Further it cannot be said certainly. The dry time required depends on the weather, the thickness of carpet, and the level of soiled the carpet is. Some carpets dry under two hours while others may take three to six hours to dry completely. However, it also depends on air movers, Through keeping the windows open and turning ceiling fans on.

What kind of carpet cleaning services do you provide?

At Marks Carpet Cleaning you can get the following carpet cleaning services al across Melbourne:
Carpet steam cleaning
Carpet dry cleaning
Carpet flood recovery
Carpet water restoration
Carpet mould restoration
Carpet deodorizing
Carpet shampooing
Storm water on carpet clean up
Carpet pet stain removal
Carpet odour removal
Carpet sanitizing
Carpet repair
Carpet dirt removal
Carpet stain removal
Call us to know more about carpet cleaning solutions!

Can you repair a patch on my carpet?

Yes, we do have carpet patch repair services. Mark’s carpet cleaning
Melbourne offers services for all kinds of patch repairs. Just call
us and our experts will be there to fix it.

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