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If you have never heard about the hot water extraction process for carpet cleaning, it’s not surprising. Many people co-relate hot water extraction method with steam cleaning and think it’s similar but have two different names. However, whatever the name is, it doesn’t matter, what matter is that how hot water extraction is a useful and most recommended method for carpet cleaning.

Hot Water Extraction For Your Carpets?

Hot Water Extraction For Your Carpets?

If you have any concern regarding the carpet cleaning methods, just look to the carpet industry itself to know which of the method is more appropriate for your carpet. From our understanding, almost every major carpet manufacturer suggests that hot water extraction method is best for maintaining the cleanliness in your carpet. We at Mark’s Carpet Cleaning also recommend our clients to choose the hot water extraction method for the best result.

How hot water extraction method works?

The difference between steam cleaning and hot water extraction method is nil when you start describing the difference. However, in the hot water extraction method, less or almost no steam is present. The hot water method includes cleaning agents which propelled on your carpet at a very high pressure. Which loosens the dirt, soil and grime, this process later clear all the stains and sanitize the carpet completely.

Cleaning the carpet via hot water extraction method.

To clean your carpet using hot extraction method, you need an extractor machine. You can either buy it or rent it. You can rent a portable machine from your local hardware store and do the cleaning. But these machines are less effective than the commercial machines, which is used by professionals. The commercial hot extraction machine is relatively effective and good at cleaning carpet and carpet stain removal.

The kind of vacuum cleaning machine and method professionals use cannot be achieved by a normal person. Thus it’s always suggested to have your carpet cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

When you should call a professional.

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