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While furnishing a house, buying a carpet is a main and costly option. It is one of the best ways of covering your flooring, to give cozy and comfort walk on the floor. To increase the life of carpet regular cleaning is required. There are some home remedies to maintain the carpet, let’s see them in detail.

  1. Dirt is the main life spoiler of carpets

    Carpet fibers get damaged due to the settling of dirt inside the carpet. By keeping your footwear outside, you can reduce the dirt coming inside the house. Also, use door mats to avoid entrance of dirt inside the house.

    Dirt settling causes fibers to change the way they reflect light. This causes your carpet to look dull. In order to remove dirt, regular vacuum cleaning with a powerful cleaner is very important. Running multiple passes remove all the dirt. This way, you can also avoid bacterial and fungus growth in the carpet. Cleaner carpets ensure cleaner air inside the house.

  2. Rearrange furniture at regular interval

    Furniture creates patterns on carpets. Thus, keep rearranging the furniture to boost their life span.

  3. Clean the high traffic areas frequently to avoid wear of carpet in that areas

    Carpet Stain Removal Service Melbourne

    Carpet Stain Removal Service Melbourne

    The high traffic areas like doorways, halls and guest rooms and near the furniture areas etc. should be cleaned properly. Use rugs in those areas to avoid wear and dirt settlement.

  4. Cut the loose fibers of the carpet

    This way, you can avoid pulling the fiber and cause wear. Prolonged direct sunlight on the carpet fades it. So, use the screen in the doorways and windows to avoid fading of colors.

  5. Urination by pets in the carpet is another main problem

    To remove the odor from carpet,  you can try vinegar.

Other miscellaneous ways

  1. Choosing a suitable backing material is another way of improving the life of the carpet. Dirt shouldn’t be allowed to reach the backing material.

    Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

    Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

  2. To remove stains, do not use harsh chemicals on the carpet. Blot the stains rather than rubbing or scratching over the carpet.
  3. Manufacturers of the carpet give a specific type of cleaning required for removing stains. Follow those methods instead of using strong chemicals.
  4. Steam cleaning can be done to remove stains and spots. This can be done by professionals or you can rent the cleaners by yourself.
  5. Do not use carpet powder products as they leave residue inside the carpet, which can only be cleaned when steam cleaning is done.
  6. Call professional stain removers if you are not able to remove the stains by yourself. They use right chemicals to clean the carpet. There are carpet cleaning professionals who provide chemical free cleaning of carpet. You can hire them to clean your carpet. It is recommended that you call the professional cleaners every year after buying the carpet.

Following these procedures, the life of your carpet can be increased. You might have to consider replacing carpet if it is worn out.

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