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Spilling of blood is not common on the carpet, however, there are multiple reasons why blood has been spilled on your carpet. Some of you would like to keep it to yourself and some just happened due to the accident. However, blood stain looks gross on the carpet and can lead to misunderstanding, there’s no big deal in spilling blood unless there has been a murder.
The problem with blood stain is that the more it kept untreated the more it’ll become stubborn. When the blood is dry, you need to give it extra attention, so that the stain will be removed. Make sure that you take action as soon as you can so that all the stain will disappear and get treated with time.
Here are some easy methods to eliminate blood stains from the carpet, it’s totally up to you whichever suits you.

Remove Blood Stains from the Carpet

Remove Blood Stains from the Carpet

Here Are Some Cleaning Tips For Carpet Cleaning.

There are several chemicals and cleaning solution which is really worth to remove blood stains from the carpet. However, you can’t save yourself from forensic experts as they’ll find out the truth behind the blood stains.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide.

    Use of Hydrogen Peroxide is really effective on blood stain, but until it’s wet. You can use it in order to remove, just pour some hydrogen peroxide on the stain and then blot it using a cloth.

  • Vinegar.

    White vinegar is also one of the strong cleaning agents which can be used to remove the blood stains from the carpet. Pour some white vinegar on the carpet and then blot it using a soft cloth.

  • Ammonia.

    Ammonia can also be a good tool for blood stain removal, just pour some ammonia and then rub the stain using a soft bristle brush.

  • Coca-cola.

    Take out coca cola from the refrigerator and pour it on the carpet affected with blood after that scrub the stain using a brush try to remove the stain.

  • Cornstarch.

    Prepare the paste of water and cornstarch and then apply it to the blood stain, when the paste is dried, use a brush to scrape it off.

  • Scrubbing

    Gently scrub the brush in a circular motion and keep patience, the stain will not go magically but it’ll eventually go away, patiently clean the work.

  • Blotting.

    While blotting the stain, keep it wet and moist and keep dabbing the surface with a cloth, the stain will slowly disappear.

Blood Stain Removal from Carpet

Blood Stain Removal from Carpet

Hire The Professionals

In case you have tried all the relevant procedure to remove blood stains from the carpet but the stain still doesn’t get removed then the only option that is left for you is that seeking help from professionals. Thus. we are here at Marks Carpet Cleaning Sydney giving you effective cleaning solutions to remove blood stains from the carpet. Get in touch with us online for more help.

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