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Shampooing your carpet cleans your carpet amazingly; it gives your carpet deep clean compared to vacuuming. Shampooing your carpet even extends the life of the carpet. Here are the tips to shampooing the carpet.

Clean your room

Before you start shampooing the carpet, move all the furniture from the room. If it is difficult to move the furniture, just set it to one side of the room. In case of huge furniture, place the aluminum foil or wooden block under the furniture to prevent them from the water.

After removing the furniture, vacuum the room completely to remove the dust, hair and other dirt particles. Vacuuming also fluffs the carpet which brings good results after the job is completed. Since you are shampooing the carpet, you need to give extra efforts, vacuum at least two times, go in straight, up and down the room and in crisscross direction. How good you do vacuuming as well as you will get the results.

Shampoo your carpet

Carpet Shampooers Melbourne

Carpet Shampooers Melbourne

After vacuuming check for the specific and stubborn stains on the Commercial Carpet Cleaning and give extra care to them. Try spraying some basic carpet stain remover on the stubborn stains and make the stains react to the treatment. Blot up the stains using a towel and start shampooing the carpet.

Before you start your machine, know how the machine works, read the user manual carefully to run the shampooer. Fill the machine with the required amount of water and carpet soap. Choose the soap which perfectly suits the shampooer. Use the only required amount of soap as directed in the user manual. If you don’t have the user manual check the online tutorial to learn how to use the shampooer. Most of the machines run without soap, just read the instructions carefully before you start the process.

The right technique to shampooing your carpet

Once you fill the shampooer start running it, start from the corners, get as close to the wall as possible, once you finish the corners walk on the other side of the room and run the machine. Finally, in the middle repeat the same process until the carpets are cleaned perfectly. Repeat the same process at the entire room to ensure complete cleaning. Use the shampooer machine as same as like vacuum cleaners. Make straight lines, back, and front and crisscross directions. However, shampooer takes more time compared to vacuum cleaners. If you pull the shampooer fast it will stick and leave the carpet dirty.

Shampoo Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Shampoo Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

After finishing the job with soapy water, run the shampooer again using cold water or without soap. This will take the remaining dirt from the carpet and gives you complete clean. Once you finish running the shampooer with cold water allow the carpet to dry completely. It will take at least six hours to get dry completely. The drying time depends on the thickness of the Best Carpet Cleaning, if the carpet is too thick it will take more time. Whatever, allow the carpet to dry completely in proper ventilation to avoid further damages. Do not put the furniture back on the wet area as it will now allow the carpet to dry properly. It will result in bad indentation and causes mildew on the carpet because of less airflow.