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Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet cleaning is kind of a work, which must be done regularly. Else, our expensive carpet would get dirty and unhygienic. Most of the people find that carpet cleaning is a tough job to do. That’s why it becomes tough to decide whether to do it by yourself or to hire a professional carpet cleaning service.

Following instructions lead to the myths and confusion about the carpet cleaning;

  • Dry cleaning-

    Vacuuming the carpet daily may damage the carpet. Vacuum cleaner, certified by the Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI) is completely safe on carpets and doesn’t cause any damage to the carpet. Also, vacuuming the carpet daily would also clean the dust and other debris from the carpet and will look as new as fresh carpet.

    Carpet Dry Cleaning Service

    Carpet Dry Cleaning Service

  • Products to use while cleaning-

    Baking soda powder and other powder deodorizers would completely remove the odour and make the carpet fresh. This is true that baking soda powder or a deodorizer would make the carpet fresh and free from odour. But the effect lasts for a short time, you can do this as a temporary solution. But, sprinkling too much powder, would end up in carpet and remain there. Even a vacuum cleaner won’t be able to suck it, completely.

  • Presentation of the carpet-

    New carpet needs as much attention as the old carpet. If you maintain your carpet properly from the beginning, then the accumulation of dust and debris will be in balance. Cleaning the carpet would be easier, deep cleaning once or twice in a year is suggested to keep your carpet clean.

  • Dry cleaning or steam cleaning-

    The misconception that steam clean fade and discolour the carpet is common. Most people prefer dry cleaning because it can be done easily. Carpet dry cleaning is better on delicate fabricate is true, but most carpets aren’t completely cleaned because the dust hides in the depth of the carpet. Which makes it difficult to get completely clean. Steam cleaning can only make the carpet 100% clean.

    Carpet Steam Cleaning Service

    Carpet Steam Cleaning Service

Hire a professional carpet cleaner

Mark’s carpet cleaning service is well-establish carpet cleaners in Melbourne. Our company is known to use eco-friendly and mild cleaners to clean carpets. Our professional carpet cleaners are highly qualified.

We have hundreds of solution for carpet cleaning. Carpet stain removal,Oil stain removal, blood stain removal, nail polish stain removal, we’re experts in dealing with any kind of stain on the carpet. We’re focused to provide 100% satisfaction to clients. Contact our mark’s carpet cleaning service and book your carpet for deep cleaning in exclusive offers.