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Let’s face the truth, having stains on carpets leaves a very unappealing impression and also ruins the ambiance of your home/office. Carpet Stain Removal can be caused due to various reasons.

These include coffee STAINS, Kool-Aid stains, baby vomits, mud stains, and blood stains etc. Getting rid of these unwanted stains can be a hard process at times.

In order to make it easy for you, we have the right set of expertise to provide reliable and professional carpet cleaning service anywhere in Melbourne.

We offer carpeting cleaning and carpet stain removing services across all areas of Melbourne. So, if you have already tried home remedies and tricks to get rid of carpet stains and still haven’t got any luck then it’s time to hire professional services.

We provide stain removing services for all types of stains on carpets. Here we discuss tips to handle day to day spillage on carpets.

Removing Kool-Aid Stains

Spilling of cold beverages on carpets can turn into a constant nightmare if not treated on time with proper tools and solutions.

Even the easy ones can turn into hard to remove stains on any type of carpeting. However, implementation of right steps for stain treatment can save your time and efforts.

Follow the steps mentioned below and remove all the unwanted rough and colored stains from your carpets:

  1. Take a white small towel and gently blot the affected area; make sure to not rub it hard otherwise the stain will spread and become difficult to remove.
  2. Take a spray bottle and add 1/4th cup of vinegar and 1 1/2 tbsp. of dish soap and water. Properly spray the stain with this mixture and leave it for 10-12mins. Then gently blot the stained area again with a clean and dry towel to fully remove the stain.

You can also get pre-made stain removing formulas in Melbourne from our website which works efficiently for all types of carpets. BISSELL Carpet Cleaning Formulas, RESOLVE Carpet Cleaning Formulas and OxiClean are some of the best stain removers you can lay your hands on. These solutions are best for stained carpets and are extremely useful in getting rid of stubborn carpet stains.

 unwanted rough and colored stains Remove from Carpet

unwanted rough and colored stains Remove from Carpet

Removing Coffee Stains

Coffee carpet stains are the hardest to remove from a carpet because they contain caffeine and strong color. Follow the below mentioned tips to remove the filthy coffee carpet stains.

  1. Take 2 white towels and put one towel onto the spilled coffee. Make sure not to leave the towel on it. Let the towel absorb all the freshly spilled coffee and replace it with the other towel when the first one fully absorbs. Also make sure not to spread the coffee stains.
  2. In a spray bottle, take vinegar, water and a non-bleach gentle detergent. Apply the spray on the coffee stains and let it set for 10-15mins then rinse gently. If required spray again and repeat the process.

However, if you are unable to do away with any kind of stains from your carpet then call us on 0488 851 277 and opt for our professional carpet cleaning service Melbourne. Our expert carpet cleaners will infuse new life into your carpets without harming the quality and colors.

Removing Blood Stain

The blood stain can be either dried or in the liquid form. Depending upon the type of stain we apply the method to remove them. The dried stain of blood makes an accumulation on the surface which needs to be removed first and then the detergent solution should be used to get rid of the stains. If The blood is in liquid form then use the blotting paper to remove the blood on the surface and then wash that portion with the detergent solution.