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The sight of cockroaches hovering around your place like it’s their own can be a disturbing one. It is the worst nightmare for most, coming with deep unhygienic complications. While they might prefer to stay clean on their own, it’s their routine of washing their bodies that actually make them the dirtiest creatures. When walking through food and other items, they can actually lead to a lot of problems- diseases, bacterial growth, allergic reactions to name a few. Unless and until you would want to deal with it, it’s advisable to find out the potential sources that are attracting cockroaches before availing Professional Pest Control in Sydney.

Cockraoches Pest Control Services
Cockraoches Pest Control Services

Below Mentioned are Some of The Things That Help Multiply the Infestation.


One of the most common reasons why cockroaches love your place is food, especially the exposed one. Unlike humans, cockroaches aren’t choosy while feeding on food. They like whatever is there lying in front of them on your kitchen counters, dining tables or elsewhere. Even if it’s something as basic as fruits, they would readily eat it. Hence, food must always be kept in a sealed and locked manner. Beware however that food is not the only thing that all species of roaches like to feed upon. Some of them are also attracted to books, cardboard, wood, and even paper. Cleaning up all the clutter helps!

Dark, Damp, Private Spaces

Once you have confirmed that all the food sources are fairly out of reach by cockroaches, keep in mind that the typical pest can survive without a meal for about a month. The most favorable spaces where they like to hide during such times are dark, wet and dingy places. Hence, spaces such as garages, bin areas, basements, and kitchen corners become their ideal hideouts. It has also been reported by many homeowners that private spaces such as cluttered shelves and storage boxes that keep roaches away from dangers are also ideal survival spots for them.

Exposed Trash

Similar to any foodstuff lying around your house, roaches are also attracted to exposed trash like a magnet. Things such as garbage liquid, food scraps, and cardboard are the most luring items that can be easily found in the trash. Hence, it’s advisable to clear off all the rubbish before smell begins to form. Also, ensure that the bin area is kept clean and food items are not trashed into the same. Cleanliness is a thing that roaches probably don’t love. Hence, it’s better to maintain the same.

Cockroach Control
Cockroach Control


Water is another thing that attracts cockroaches. Leaking pipes and drains, especially the ones that are hidden in dark spaces and under the sinks become common grounds for roaches to infest. Left out water from your pet’s drinking bowl or puddles collecting around the sink or elsewhere are also tempting sources for roaches. Water is so important for roaches that they cannot survive more than a week or two without it. Hence, be sure that a house with an absence of accessible water is the one that roaches would never like to live in. For the purpose, you must keep your home as dry as possible. This will help in German Cockroaches Pest Control and any other species of cockroaches that might have infested your place.

Why to Trust?

Besides getting rid of the sources that attract cockroaches, it’s also important to control them in case of infestation. Get in touch with Marks Carpet Cleaning for same day cockroach control services.

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