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And now you finally have the rug you always wanted. It’s the perfect combination of color, pattern, and craftsmanship, and you’re looking forward to sharing it with the next generations of your family. But making sure that your latest treasure will last for decades requires work. Despite their longevity and strength, Oriental carpets are prone to several common household problems that can shorten the life of their paint, their fibers, or both.

Carpet Cleaning Service
Carpet Cleaning Service

What you Need to Avoid on your Carpet:

  • Bleach:

    Bleach is a powerful liquid that keeps white clothing white, has its function in the home, but not on your carpet. But even if a drop of bleach reaches a surface with pure white, the dyeing possibilities are legendary, and even the best, most expert and professional carpet cleaners can do nothing. We recommend keeping the bleach in a place with tiles.
  • Coffee:

    Coffee is known to permanently damage carpets. Even a small spill can lead to unsightly stains that you can not eliminate without powerful tools and cleaning solutions.
  • Tomato Sauce:

    Actually, everything red should be treated as an emergency rug: The natural red dyes of tomatoes simply dye the fibers very quickly. These are situations that require immediate action. First, take a paper towel and dab the stain immediately – never scrub. Then use a natural and mild carpet cleaner to treat the stain. You may not quite get it, but our team of carpet cleaning experts can help you.
  • Beer:

    Although this does not appear to be an obvious enemy to the carpet, the problem with spilled beer is its smell. Although you may be able to eliminate all visible indication of a beer spill, it is more difficult to remove this odor. In many ways, it resembles animal smells that persist long after cleansing.
  • Nail Polish:

    Given the impressive number of self-nail polish removal solutions, we believe that this is a fairly common phenomenon, and we would be surprised if half of these solutions work. Nail polish is most times impossible impossible to remove without steam power.
  • Wax:

    The wax is difficult to remove from carpets because it cures upon drying and adheres to the carpet fibers. Add some colored wax to the mix, and you’ll also take care of the color spots. If you do not have instant access to a Professional Carpet Cleaners, we recommend heating the wax stain with an iron and a clean cloth and applying a cleaning solution.
  • Ink:

    Although it is a valuable means of communication, it has been developed for dyeing paper and carpets. You need a professional carpet cleaner to remove ink stains.
  • Blood:

    The blood is very similar to wine and grape juice when it comes to stains. Keep in mind that dry areas are much harder to remove than fresh spots. It is therefore best to do carpet stain treatments immediately. The extended you wait, the less likely you are to remove the stain.
  • Red Wine or Grape Juice:

    Everyone is aware of the destruction that grape juice and wine can cause to a carpet due to their bright color. Anyone who has ever given red wine at a ceremony or grape juice to children had that moment “oh no” as that first drop of liquid dripped onto the glass. Although you need to treat the stain right away, nothing is more effective than the performance of a professional carpet-cleaning service to permanently rid your carpet of stains.
  • Chocolate:

    How is it possible for something so sweet and good be so harmful? Well, chocolate is hard to remove and can damage the delicate fibers of the carpet, especially if it has melted. So if you do not want to miss out on these sweet treats, we recommend a Cheap Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne on the speed dial.
Professional Carpet Cleaning Service
Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Call Professionals to Handle The Cleaning

We are always ready at Marks Carpet Cleaning to provide distinct carpet cleaning services, we also have professionals in carpet stain removal services. We use quality cleaning solvent and eco-friendly stain removal products. Our staff are experienced and skilled in the act of carpet cleaning profession with services proficiently. If you’re looking for a good carpet cleaning company to have the Carpet Stain Removal Services, give us a call, we are always ready to listen to your calls and be at your service.